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Trinidad & Tobago enjoys a vibrant local market with a number of Insurers from which to choose. Most local insurers offer a range of policy types, and in choosing an Insurer to place your business with, your Broker will guide you on where he or she feels the respective strengths of the Insurers are.
Insurance represents the second biggest influence on money supply in many economies, and as such, the industry plays a significant part in the overall health of the local economy. The local Insurance Industry is regulated by the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, under the Financial Institutions Act, 2008 (FIA) and the Insurance Act, 1980 and this includes Insurance Brokers who must satisfy certain criteria in order to be permitted to operate.
The Insurance Brokers Association of Trinidad and Tobago is committed to play its part in ensuring a financially strong, vibrant and fair industry, and as the voice of the Broking Industry, IBATT liaises with its members, Insurers, Government regulators, consumer bodies and other stakeholders on key insurance issues. As our industry continues to evolve, IBATT is committed to ensuring that the business environment in which our members operate is a stable one.

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